Sunday, August 31, 2008

Five Days and some change

Last Sunday morning Lance left for a conference in Dallas and came home on Friday afternoon. I was a little worried about how the week would go with out him. As much as I love being home all day, I look forward to those couple of hours where he is home to help and play with Reese. But I decided up front to be positive about this time away. I knew I could handle two extra hours a day while he was gone and it was only for five days and some change. And we made it!! I printed out a picture of Reese and Daddy for her to play with for the week because he was afraid she would forget who he was. Every day she mentioned him. And did not forget who he was. I got to watch some "chick flicks" and finish a book while he was gone. I also got to take up the whole entire bed and sheets and not worry about bothering him. As nice as that was, I would much rather have him in the bed with me!!

Friday afternoon, Lance's uncle and cousin flew in town to stay with us while they were in town for the Alabama v. Clemson game. They arrived and Reese was excited to see them...especially Claire who loves on her so much! About ten mintues later Daddy walked in and Reese was so excited! She was standing by the door waiting on him when she heard the garage. I was super excited to have him home too!! Friday night Lance's family came over to visit. We cooked out, played, and talked. Saturday they went to the game and Lance's friend, Justin, came in town from Nashville. Needless to say we have had a full house this weekend! I am so excited Lance is off work tomorrow so we can play and visit!

Reese watching Daddy and her cousin throw the baseball in the backyard

Reese with Claire's Alabama pom-poms

Reese "hanging out" with Daddy. She is so silly!

Me and my sweet baby...I am so blessed!!

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