Thursday, August 28, 2008

Silly head

Reese thinks it is so funny to put things on her head. I suppose that is my fault because when we are playing I will put her toys on my head to see if she notices. Which she always does...nothing gets past her. She will immediately take the toy off of my head and laugh (because I am the funniest person she knows). So now she always wants to put her toys on her head. And it doesn't stop at the toys. Now we have moved on to food. I think I started something I am going to regret. If you see Reese after breakfast, it is pretty fair to assume she has syrup or eggs or some other food in her hair. I promise I wash her hair every night after she does this but if you don't see her right after bathtime then you are missing out on some clean hair!! Today we went to lunch with Adrienne (which was great by the way) and Reese decided to style her hair with syrup before we went. It is the new gel. Tonight we had B4D (breakfast for dinner) and she added eggs to the syrup mix. Needless to say her hair was greasy, shiny, and crusty after dinner. Yum! Maybe I am not feeding her enough and she is saving some for later.

In this picture you can really tell how long her hair is getting. I don't know what to do with it. It hangs in her eyes and most of the time she won't keep a bow or ponytail in her hair. I am constantly brushing her hair out of her eyes. And don't suggest cutting it because that is NOT going to happen for a long time!!

Doesn't she look like such a big girl in this picture from today? I tried to hide the syrup with a bow.

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ABW Photography said...

What an adorable little girl you have! She is a doll!