Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Messy Girl

How can one cute, sweet, perfect little girl make such a mess?? Yesterday for breakfast I gave her scrambled eggs and jelly toast. That doesn't seem so messy, right? Well it was! I am not a fan of being dirty and definitely not a fan of cleaning up dirty. If Reese gets really dirty, Lance has to clean her up. I hate for food to get under my fingernails and that seems to happen more than you would think when trying to clean Reese up.

Here she is ignoring the camera as usual.

Finally I got her to smile...I think she was happy to be so dirty.

So imagine the challenge I faced when deciding to let Reese feed herself yogurt. I sucked it up and gave her the spoon. She did pretty well considering it was her first time attempting to scoop the yogurt out and feed it to herself.

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