Friday, October 9, 2009


I just logged on to do a random post because we have been kind of boring this week but then I realized this was my 500th post! Now I feel a little pressure to make it better than it was going to be.

I started this blog as a way to scrapbook our lives so I could look back and remember each and every thing about my pregnancy and having a sweet baby girl. Believe me, it has definitely come in handy during this pregnancy. And it is a great entertainment source for Reese when we need something new and fun to do. She loves to watch "Reese videos". I love to go back and take a walk down memory lane. I can't believe I have had so many random things to say, write, or capture in picture. I can't wait to add Baby Cupcake to all of these details on my blog.

That is right, I said it, my blog. This blog is written by me and mainly for me. I love that I can share parts of our lives with you, dear reader. But it is not meant for you. I feel like often (and I am guilty of this too) we are judged strictly on my blog. Our lives are not out there for judgement, critique, or advice; it is out there to share with you our love for our daughter (and soon to be son) and how grateful we are for this life we have been given...the good, the bad, and the ugly. I really want this blog to be a place where my kids can go back and see their childhood and how much we adore them. I can't wait to share it with them one day.

Whoa! So that is totally not the direction I thought this post was going. I was actually coming on here to talk about my awesome hubby for a change. He is such a great dad and has been putting in a lot of effort to be so. Being a great dad is only a small part of who he is his. He is a devoted and faithful husband who appreciates me for me (with all the good, bad, and ugly). I think he knows life is going to become even crazier soon and he has been trying to put in more time with me and Reese before our new arrival. Our time with him is precious. I know he sometimes (ok, actually most of the time) has to take the backseat to things going on around here and I appreciate his understanding in my 24-hour full time job. Speaking of jobs...he is such a hard worker. I know if I was out in the real world I would never compare to the employee he is. He has taken on a lot more resposibilty at work lately. Some of the people that work for him "acknowledged" this recently when they went to Burger King for lunch and brought him back a crown. A lady he works with took a picture and posted it on her blog. When he told me the story I cracked up...what a fun group. He works with a great group of people and I am lucky to send him to work with them everyday. So, thank you honey for all of the hard work you put in at work and at home to make our lives so special!!

Happy Blogging! In honor of this 500th post, why don't you lurkers say hello!


Anonymous said...

I'm a lurker!!!! And proud of it! I love you guys!! Happy 500th Blog, Nay Nay!!

Aunt Becky

PS-Way to go, Lance!!!!

jennkate said...

Happy "500"!

So well said!

Claire said...

you know your posts make my day :) reading about Reese, you, Lance and baby cupcake make me feel like I was there with you during that day and that makes me happy. Miss you and my reese already. Becky did such a great job with the shower and I had so much fun, Renee you are so lucky with such a wonderful family. Love you Renee and keep writing I love it!!

Anonymous said...

Blessed!!!! Don't forget to give thanks to "from where all blessings flow". You are truly blessed and and I am thankful for that. I love keeeping up with all the stuff we would not get to see without your blog. You do a great job.
Love, Dad-Granddaddy-Dat

Megan @ Hold it Up to the Light said...

My sentiments exactly. Sometimes I feel such pressure to tell certain stories or do certain things with my own blog....but I remember that it's first and foremost for me and my family. I want to bring glory to God in all that I do, and not worry about what other people think.

Keep on keepin' on, friend. So happy to come out of hiding here today :)

Tucker's Mom said...

You certainly have a way with words Renee. Can't wait to read your blog once BC is here!!

Leah said...

500... Wow! That's fantastic! Your blog is the homepage on my computer. I love being able to keep up with what's going on with the Edwards. I can't wait to see Reese and BC's reactions when they are old enough to go back and read your blog. It will be fun to watch their faces turn a little red and say, "Mom, why'd you put that on there?" I love you Nay! I think your blog is great!

bethy said...

Hi Renee!
I found your blog by way of Allyson's on House of Stephens! I don't usually comment on blogs...but I find our similarities uncanny! I live in Jax Fl, we have a daughter, Chloe who was two on 06/23. I am 36 weeks pregnant with baby #2...a boy!!! (due date 11/05!) My husband just got a promotion and work has shifted into crazy gear, but he remains amazingly present at home for us! We are getting ready...I am getting more uncomfortable, and not sleeping, but I believe that he will come in the perfect timing. Chloe just started a 2 day/week 2 year old preschool...it is surreal to have time to myself, but I rejoice that I will have this time with the upcoming baby, I know I will need it! Hope you enjoy your weekend! Many Blessings! Elizabeth

Allyson said...

Renee - Thanks for the prayers for Charlie! I love this post! It's the exact same reason I blog! Happy 500th AND good luck with your delivery!

Thanks again!


laurel said...

Happy 500th blog post!! And Lance is lucky to have such a fun group of us to work with. ;-)

Meredith said...

I'm just catching up on all my blog reading...Happy 500 Mama Cupcake!