Monday, October 5, 2009

Baby Cupcake Update

I had a doctors appointment this morning to check on Baby Cupcake. The doctor I visited with today cracks me up! He has to be in his 70s and when I was pregnant with Reese he was running the Peachtree Road Race that year. He had been in Portland yesterday and was telling me funny stories from his visit. We now go every week until he is born.

Everything looked great once again! I love these kinds of appointments. We are both healthy and happy. He is officially in position. He moved down a couple of days ago and is settling in for the last month. Hopefully he will remain healthy and safe until he is ready to make his appearance.

I think we are both getting excited and much more nervous as this last month wraps up. Reese is still not really understanding that he is going to be here with us forever but she loves to talk about him. And I think he officially has a name. Don't ask though because it could change at any minute knowing us.

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