Sunday, October 4, 2009

So Very Blessed!

This has been a wonderful weekend!! I seriously could not have asked for more...except for my hubby to be home with us.

Friday afternoon Reese and I picked up Lance's cousin, Claire, from a friends house in Buckhead. Claire flew in Thursday to spend some time with some friends in Atlanta and then was staying with us for the rest of the weekend. Lance was flying out Friday night to spend the weekend with Claire's dad and friends for a bachelor weekend so it was only fitting to trade family. We all went to have lunch with Lance before he left to go out of town and then came home for a quiet (as quiet as can be with a two year old) night.

Saturday morning we went out to my parents house because my sweet sisters and mom threw a family baby shower for Baby Cupcake. They invited every girl in my family and to all of our surprise most of them could be there. We have family in Florida and Missouri that coincidentally planned to be in town for the weekend before they knew about the shower. We were all so excited to be together for a change! I could have come home empty handed and been totally full on the love of my family! However, I came home with more presents for Baby Cupcake than I could have ever imagined. Everyone went above and beyond!!

The picture above doesn't even do justice to the amount of clothes this little boy got. I combined so many bags to bring home everything. We felt kind of bad for him because Reese's closet was packed full of clothes before she was born and now his will be the same way.

Reese even got to get in on the action with presents. So many people got her a big sister gift and she felt so special.

Saturday night we had planned to go to the fair but by the time we left the house we knew it would be a traffic jam getting there so we decided to get some Chick-fil-a and take it for a picnic at the park.

This morning we took Claire to the airport so that she could head back home. Reese and I were both so sad to see her go. When we got home Reese and I both took a two hour (much needed) nap. Once we woke up Reese was having a little trouble getting going so I let her chill out watching some TV for a little while. Once she was good and awake she was an angel the rest of the night. Today with Reese has been one of those days that I just want to bottle up and remember for the days when she is acting like she is two. When I was making breakfast this morning she came over and hugged my leg and said, "I yuv you, Mommy!" Melt my heart! We just cuddled on the couch, watched TV, colored, and talked to Baby Cupcake most of the evening. It was such a sweet day and wonderful weekend! We can't wait for Daddy to be back home with us! We have missed him this weekend.

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