Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Our Little Cowgirl

I have mentioned before how much Reese loves to be a "Cowgirl". Well, we decided that would be the perfect Halloween costume!

Sunday while Reese was playing with her cousins Lance and I went to the North Georgia outlet mall. It was a beautiful day so we just walked up and down every single aisle and went in to the stores we wanted to check out. We bought Lance some new jeans because his are all too big. He has lost as much weight as I have gained this pregnancy!! (Much different than when I was pregnant with Reese.) Then we saw these boots...

We just had to buy them for Reese's costume. They were a little more expensive than I would have liked (I was hoping to find some on eBay or at a consignment sale) but I knew she would get some great use out of them. And Baby Cupcake will be able to use them one day too. When we got home that night we showed her the new boots and let her try them on. Once she had them on she said she needed to go get her horse and cowboy hat. So she ran off in to the playroom and came back like this.

I about died!! She has a basket on her head and is using a duster for her horse. How creative??

She is such a mess but we love the entertainment!!!


Groovers said...

she's adorable (and creative like you said)! and way to go Lance for losing all that weight, I'm impressed! (secrets?)

Nathan and Patricia Harder said...

so cute! love it!!

Anonymous said...


Carrie Beth said...

What a hoot! Love the boots. :-)