Sunday, October 25, 2009

Our Weekend

We have had a busy weekend but it has been fun!!

Friday we had a playdate with a bunch of friends after a great day at gymnastics. We had planned on going to a pumpkin patch but they only take reservations for weekdays and they were booked. So we had a potluck lunch at a friends house and it was so much fun!! We brought some little pumpkins to decorate and Reese and the other two year old were the only ones to actually decorate theirs. The other kids are a bit younger and they all modeled their Halloween costumes. They were too cute!! Friday night we just had a night in and I actually made dinner...that rarely happens on Friday nights.

Saturday morning we went to Chick-fil-a for breakfast. We realized that it might be the last time the three of us do that alone. We let Reese play for a little while afterwards and then we went to look at double strollers. We (more like I) have been so slow about doing this. I have gone to look at them and learned tons of information but I wanted Lance to see them too. The problem we have with our single stroller is that it is the perfect size for me but since he is nine inches taller than I am it is way too short for him. We saw some great ones but still have not made a decision!! That afternoon I went to a wedding reception for a girl from church and then rushed home to get Reese to our neighborhood friend Emma's birthday party. Since her birthday is so close to Halloween her mom did some fun Halloween crafts. It was so cute and Reese was in heaven!

Decorating her pumpkin

Admiring her work

This afternoon we headed to lunch with my parents and Becca for my mom's birthday. We also ran in to the mall for a couple of things and then headed back home. While Lance cut the grass I set up a little craft area on the table for Reese to use stamps, stickers, glitter glue, and color (thanks for the idea Amy). She enjoyed it for a few minutes but then was off to do something else. She is the busiest two year old I know. She doesn't stop and it wears me out!! I feel so bad sometimes because I have to turn on the TV to get a break. I am so tired right now!

After Lance cut the grass we carved our pumpkins. Well, Lance and I did. Reese wanted nothing to do with the "pumpkin goo". (Yes, that is what Lance cut the grass in today. I guess it is better than a sleeveless t-shirt!!)

While we carved the pumpkins Reese played ballerina, played on the slide, kicked the beach ball, and would occasionally come over to check on our progress.

Here are our Princess pumpkins. Reese loves them!!


Carrie Beth said...

Those pumpkins are amazing!!!!!

bethy said...

Love seeing your blog b/c we have similar situations...my daughter is Chloe her birthday is 06/23/07 and I am due with a boy Nov 5th! I just wanted to say that we have had lots of TV time too!!! I just can't keep up these days. I just know that it temporary! I wish you well!