Wednesday, October 28, 2009

BC Update

After a terrible drive in to the doctor this morning, arriving just in time for my appointment, and then him running behind I finally have an update on BC. Heartbeat=great! The not so fun part of an actual exam resulted in nothing. BC is still snuggled up and comfy in my belly. He has made no movement towards gracing us with his presence. It is really strange how similar this pregnancy is to the one with Reese. Reese stayed put until the last minute. I was really congested with Reese and I am the same way this time. The big differences are that I have heartburn at night and wake myself up trying to catch my breath come morning time. I feel like I need to sleep sitting up. Which makes for a restless nights sleep. Oh well...guess I should get used to that for the next couple of months.

We have so many fun plans over the next week that I hope he will stay put until we enjoy all of this last minute fun! I feel like I have crammed every fun thing we could do in to this last week (or so) with Reese as our only child. 10 days until his due date...


Nathan and Patricia Harder said...

I have heart burn too really bad at night! I eat a lot of tums!!
I also have night sweats! I wake up drenched sometimes. So wierd!!

jennkate said...

Hey Renee, just wanted to stop by and wish you all the luck with BC! Just remember, the only good thing about that heartburn is....you only have a few more days of it!?!!
Thanks for sharing your blog, really, it helps me prepare for what to expect with Ella AND baby #2.