Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Reese is needing a little more attention these days. I know this is normal...especially for a kid her age. She is so used to having Mommy and Daddy's attention all to herself. She has been acting out a bit and not wanting to follow directions. Like I said, I know this is normal and we will get through it! She is still just as sweet and wants to know where "Baby Sam" is at all times.

We are trying to be diligent about giving Reese some special time with us. Today Lance took her to the Aquarium for some one on one time. I so wish I could have gone with them but I know she enjoyed her time with Daddy and I enjoyed some quiet time with Sam.

Tuesday after school I took Reese to McDonald's for lunch and play. She has had a lot of time with Daddy but not much time with Mommy! And then today we baked brownies together. Lately she has wanted to help me cook so this was a great way to spend some time with her.

She loves to lick the spoon when we are done!

I pray that Lance and I will be patient with Reese while she adjusts to this new change in her life!! It is so hard but we will make it...we aren't the first people in the world to have a second child!


bethy said...

Oh man!! I am right there with you!!! Our daughter Chloe is 2 and her baby brother is 3 weeks old...we brought him home and she got sick and its been a challenge ever since. I find that we are using the time out chair a lot these days. I feel bad because I know that its so different for her and she doesn't understand why. I am sure it will even out...at least I hope so! Congrats on your precious baby boy!!!

Kayleigh is six months!! said...

You are right- sooo normal....Give yourself some slack! You guys are doing a wonderful job- have been and always will be great parents! Reese and Sam are very lucky!
Love Ya!

Carrie Beth said...

Sounds like you are doing an awesome job...all I can say is that it will continue to get easier and you all adjust!