Monday, November 2, 2009

Snug as a Bug

When I was pregnant with Reese I didn't take weekly pictures to track my expanding belly. I think I was scared to actually see what was happening. The only week we took a picture was at 39 weeks because I don't think I truly comprehended how big my belly was (you can find this picture somewhere in this blog if you are interested). After having her I regretted not taking pictures. When I got pregnant with BC I decided I wanted to document each week. But I didn't. So last night we decided we should at least take a picture since I was 39 weeks again. I loaded them on the computer (which I am not going to post) and we compared the two pictures. My belly looks EXACTLY the same. If you couldn't see my face you would never know which belly was from what pregnancy. It is so weird. The size and shape are identical.

I had my final OB visit today with BC. I can't believe that in a week we will be holding our little man!! Everything went well. He is still snug as a bug. No progress being made. Heartbeat = good. Measuring = good. Weight gain = yikes! Apparently from my busy, on the go weekend my body decided to retain some water so my hands and ankles are a bit swollen today. The doctor didn't seem worried about it so I am not either. She went ahead and scheduled my induction for Monday just in case BC decides to wait us out. I am totally fine with that because I like schedules and am not too keen on things being a surprise. At least if we wait until Sunday night we can have everyone in place, etc.

So, here's to our last week as a family of three!! Next week we will officially be the parent's to kidS.

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bethy said...

Good luck!!! I went into labor last Tuesday at 1:30 AM...my labor was very short...Harrison was born at 5:59AM! We are enjoying this sweet baby boy. Our daughter Chloe was 2 in June...she loves her baby brother, she is however having a little bit of a difficult time adjusting. I will pray that things are smooth for you all! In the mean time...take a few extra naps...I forgot how tired having a newborn makes me.