Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mean Mom!

Last night Reese and I were eating dinner. I made these BBQ biscuit things that are super yummy and easy to make. I served them with peas and corn. Nothing fancy or crazy. Reese has been giving us a hard time eating lately so we have been promising ice cream (a very small amount) or something else as a treat for eating dinner. I think it is a horrible idea to do this but she really wasn't eating anything healthy and this seems to be helping some. So last night I didn't say anything about ice cream and I was just letting her do her thing while I was eating dinner. She finally sat down at the table with me and said she wanted some ice cream. She ate all of her peas and corn and in between some of those bites she ate a couple bites of the biscuits. The first bite she said she didn't like...which is common. She kept it in her mouth for a long time and finally swallowed it. The second bite she said the same thing and shuddered. After eating all of her vegetables I said if you eat one more bite of the biscuit you can have some ice cream. She opened up, put the biscuit in her mouth, got the chills, gagged, and threw up all of her food. I felt so bad and like such a mean mom! I didn't make a big deal about it. Just cleaned her up and had her drink some water. I totally empathized with her. I am the same way with broccoli. When I was younger my mom (sorry to call you out) was trying to get me to eat broccoli with my dinner. Just the smell of it makes me gag but I tried. My dad said my faced turned green and I am pretty sure I ran to the bathroom. And I think they got the hint after than and I have received that hint loud and clear with Reese now. No more BBQ biscuits for her. And in case you were wondering...yes, I let her have her ice cream. I said if she ate one more bite she could have it...I never said anything about seeing it a second time.

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