Thursday, November 5, 2009

Pink Pig

Today Reese, Liz, Kayleigh, Caroline and I got to enjoy a free ride on the Pink Pig. We all piled in one car and headed down to Lenox to enjoy the ride! I think the girls had a great time riding together. In this picture they are smiling but are focused on watching Tinkerbell.

The opening event started at 3:00 and we were right on time. We only waited in line about 15 minutes or so to see Priscilla. As we were leaving I heard one of the workers say that the line was about an hour wait! While in line they had music playing so the girls were dancing and they also had a table where they could color.

I have never been to ride the Pink Pig. And yes, I grew up in Atlanta. Can you believe it? If you happened to blink on the ride you might have actually missed everything. It was a quick ride but the girls loved it! Here we are getting ready to ride on the "Pig Train". Hey Liz, we all made it in to the picture! Here the five us are getting settled and ready to ride Priscilla. Reese smiling as usual...

After the quick ride they had a buffet set up for a quick snack. It was such a beautiful day so we sat outside and snacked.

We had such a fun time with our friends! I am so glad we had the chance to do this today!

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