Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sweet Family

Sam had his second doctor's appointment yesterday. He weighed 8 lbs, 3 oz and is still in the 30's. He was back to 21" long (70's) and his head is now 14" round (20's). I seriously don't know how they determine the percentages. Reese was in the 90's early on so it is so weird to us to have such a "small" baby. He is perfect though. Thursday night he was very congested so I was glad to go to the doctor on Friday. He said the congestion is only in Sam's nose and not in his lungs! I woke up almost every hour Thursday night trying to suck the snot out of his nose to help him breath! Lance was super Dad and went to Kroger at midnight to get some saline drops to help clear him out! We are trying so hard to keep Reese away from him until her cold clears up but it is so hard. She wants to touch him and everything that is his all the time!

Friday night we ventured out to the park. Reese got to play for a little while and then we did a short (very short) walk. I am slowly feeling better everyday so it was nice to be able to get a short walk in. I can't wait to be back out there pushing my two little monkeys around. After the park, we had our second night of pizza and a movie. We have decided to start this weekly tradition with Reese to give her some special time. She loves it and always asks, "You wanna snuggle and watch a movie?"

Today we went to Piedmont Park and had family pictures made by the same lady that did Reese's fall pictures. My parents and Becca met us there to help entertain Reese and get her to smile..and of course a lollipop was promised for good behavior! After we were done Reese got to play on the playground while Sam got to eat.

Me and Sam enjoying the beautiful day...he is in there somewhere.

After playing I got some fabulous snuggle time with Reese.

While Aunt Becky got some snuggle time with Sam.

After the park, some friends of ours from small group brought dinner over to us. They stayed to eat and visit with us. It was so wonderful and much appreciated.

Tonight Sam got his first real bath. I have only been wiping him down with a wet wash cloth but now that his belly button and circumcision have healed he was ready for a bath. Reese was helping out like such a great big sister.

Sam obviously was not excited about this new and crazy idea!

Each night after bath time, we snuggle on Reese's bed to read some stories and say her prayers. She loves this time and I think it is so sweet that she loves to have her brother with her during the last few minutes of the day.

Thank you God for such a sweet family!

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