Friday, April 30, 2010

CFA v. McD

There really is no comparison when it comes to the food at Chick-fil-a versus McDonalds!  But that is not all that matters!

And CFA knows this.

Almost every week since Reese started gymnastics we have gone to lunch at one of these “restaurants” after her class.  Recently we have been sticking with CFA because, like I said, there really is no comparison in food taste. 

Lately there have been a ton of kids there who are rough in the play area.  Specifically one little two year old boy who is mean and then he always tries to touch Sam or other babies with us.  We are constantly having to watch him because his nanny is out yapping with her friends.  I don’t know how many times I have said, “You can look but please don’t touch.”  Today Reese asked if we could go to McDonald’s instead so I said yes.

While we were there Reese needed to go to the bathroom so I packed all three of us up and we went.  When we walked in there was a male worker in the women’s bathroom working on one of the doors to a stall.  I assumed when he saw us he would leave until we were done.  But he did not.  I closed the door behind us and let Reese go to the bathroom.  We left and went back to eat our lunch.  As Reese was playing I couldn’t stop thinking about the fact that the man did not leave us with some privacy.  My mind began to wonder to the future when Reese is old enough to go to the bathroom alone.  I would have been livid if she went alone and then told me later that a man was in the bathroom while she was in there.  Or what if something happened while she was in there alone and she didn’t tell me because she was scared.

I decided on our way out that if I saw a manager standing up front that I would just mention this to him.  I was not mad but just wanted someone to know how I felt.  As we walked by the counter there were three men behind it with shirt and ties on.  So I asked who was the manager and one of the guys stepped forward.  I let him know my concern and he just kind of looked at my like, “What?”.  So I turned to leave and one of the other men in a tie said “Sorry about that!”.  I left there more mad that I originally was!  All I wanted was for them to understand the danger that I saw.  I didn’t even want an apology.  And I don’t feel like he understood my concern.

First of all, I can not even imagine that scenario happening at CFA.  And if it did, the manager would have tried to give me his right arm, if he could, as an apology while saying, “It’s my pleasure” (which I love by the way). 

From now on, I think we will stick with CFA.  Even if we have to drive across town to another one that is not so crazy and busy!

Am I over reacting?  Would you have done the same thing or felt the same way?


Mom said...

Your concern is completely valid. The maintenance worker should have put up a sign indicating that work was being done in the restroom. You need to see if you can get in touch with the district and regional offices and express your concerns. Sometimes a written concern receives more "action" than a verbal concern. With the state of the economy as it is, I would think that the "higher ups" would be very interested to know why some people may be choosing another "restaurant" over theirs.


Carrie Beth said...

You aren't over reacting at all. I think it's great that you tried to talk to the manager, even if he wasn't all that "helpful." We always stick with Chick-fil-a and I can't tell you the last time I went to a McDonalds (probably for the same reason as you...employees are just not nearly as friendly, helpful, or polite.

As for Handley's shoes, no they are not the Lelli Kelli's but they look like them. I saw at the bottom of the Lelli Kelli commercial they are available at places like Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, etc. Places I don't even by myself shoes, much less my 2 year old. Ha! Hers are from Target for $12.99! She loves them and calls them her "sparkle shoes." They also have a sandal version.

jennkate said...

Just reading this makes me livid. I can't believe that idiot just said "sorry about that". You are right, I could never see this happening at Chick-fil-a. But, it's great you said something...

(Ella and I are at Chick-fli-a four times a week, sometimes more! I am willing to pay a little more because they are always so helpful and friendly. Esp. the one in VInings, close to Home Depot. Let me know if you are ever at this one?? We can have a play date and a milkshake! )

Nathan and Patricia Harder said...

I completely agree!

Adrienne said...

I agree with your Mom. Write a letter to the higher ups. If nothing else, you will probably get some free coupons out of it. And then you can just use them at the drive-thru!

Justin and Kristin said...

You BETTER write a letter, Renee. I needed a reason to not go to that restaurant and that was it. I am livid and also disgusted. Let me know what happens.

Leah said...

I agree with Mom... A letter usually gets a better response. I think it is absolutely absurd that a man would not leave a restroom that a woman and her children just walked into. In your letter I think you should question how the reader (whatever higher up that might be) would feel about that happening with his or her child or grandchild. That's just crazy!