Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Weekend

Today we went to the zoo with some friends.
4-3-10 005

It was a beautiful day! The sky was blue and there was a nice breeze!
4-3-10 025

Reese, of course, was in heaven because she had a big girl to follow around!
4-3-10 036

This is the life!
4-3-10 054

4-3-10 057

We had our own little kangaroos!
4-3-10 060

4-3-10 084

Most of the animals were out and about so we could see them.
4-3-10 102

The best part of the day was watching these guys!
4-3-10 143

The zoo puts on an Easter egg hunt with the gorillas. For the smaller gorillas they hid Jell-o eggs. It really was so cute watching them run down the hill and find the eggs.
4-3-10 154

The bigger gorillas got to find paper mache eggs with food inside of them.
4-3-10 162

Lance overheard some of the zoo employees talking about how excited the gorillas get. They know what is happening when they put them in to their cages and see the employees hiding the eggs.

This guy is so handsome!
4-3-10 166

After the egg hunt we headed towards the exit but not before taking a quick peek at these guys.
4-3-10 219

The giraffes were busy eating so we only got to see their backside. They are so tall!!
4-3-10 220

And now we are ready for the Easter Bunny to come. The Easter Bunny got really creative this year and gave me a bunch of these shirts!
4-3-10 175

And the Easter Bunny delivered Lance these YUMMY Ghirardelli chocolate chip cookies. We had these for the first time when we were at Disney and they are amazing!!
4-3-10 179

Sam is getting several things of Gerber food (the Easter Bunny knows he can’t eat any candy yet), a cute little outfit, a Praise Baby DVD, and a Noah’s Ark toy with animals that make sounds.

Reese is getting a Minnie Mouse doll, Princess and the Frog DVD, a cute little dress, and a bunch of candy!

4-3-10 176

Happy Easter, everyone!

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