Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What a night!

Being a cook is tough business sometimes…and tonight I learned that.

While making dinner I was rinsing out some cans and sliced my left thumb on the lid.  It didn’t hurt because it happened so fast but it immediately began to gush blood. 

As soon as Lance walked in the door from work we headed out to the Minute Clinic at CVS and she sent me on to the urgent care to get stitches. 

Reese was so sweet and concerned the whole time.  She would rub my back and ask if my finger was feeling better.  On the way there she told me that I needed to be more careful.  Now I have four stitches in my left thumb.

Since dinner was postponed for a while we got McDonald’s on the way home.  What a lucky night for Reese!

Things that are hard to do without a working thumb:
*changing diapers/clothes
*buckling my kids in the car seats
*making dinner (which I finished and froze when we got home)
*putting my hair in a ponytail
*pretty much everything!!!

This is going to be a long ten days!


Carrie Beth said...

Oh my gosh! Sorry to hear about your day. At least you have a good reason to not cook! :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh no, Renee! If you need me to come help you, I will!! I love you!!! Reese is so sweet!

Love, Aunt Becky

Groovers said...

oh bless your heart, hope your thumb heals soon!

Nathan and Patricia Harder said...

aww! I am sure that is difficult! sounds like dinner out for ten days. :)