Tuesday, April 13, 2010


*Sisusting: Disgusting

*Blooding: Bleeding

*Barefooting: Barefooted

*Sonaba: “Sonofa”…this is our fault…Lance and I are both bad about saying “sonofa” when something happens.  For instance, if I forget something or stub my toe, I will say “sonofa”.  The first time I heard Reese say “sonaba” I almost fell over.  It was hilarious.

*Reese replaces all R’s and L’s with a W.  She says things like: Weese (Reese), siwwy (silly), weawwy (really).  I love when she talks about her friends at school: Ahwizabeff (Elizabeth), Awissa (Alyssa), Weswey (Wesley), Sawa (Sara), Caweb (Caleb), Ms. Shawon (Ms. Sharon), Chawee (Charlie).  Tonight we were trying to get her to say her L’s.  It is so funny when she is trying to do this because she is focusing so hard that she ends up getting it all wrong.  When we were trying to say “Wesley” she ended up saying “Leswey”.  I am going to miss her sweet talk when she grows out of this. 

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Aunt Kathy said...

Someone once told me to buy one of those little tape recorders to keep in my car so that when "conversations" happened, I could just hit record. I never got around to it and now I am so mad I didn't. It would be so precious to just sit and listen to that :). Go do it! :)