Monday, May 9, 2011

Last Week of School

This is Reese’s last week of three year old preschool.  I can’t believe the school year has gone by so fast!! We have been so blessed by the teachers she has had this year.  She has learned and grown so much. 

Today they had their end of the year show.  It was called “Animals, Animals”. While we waited for the show Sam was being a little stinker.  He was up and down in the chair, playing with the video camera, yelling “No!” at us, and then found a pen and drew all over his right leg.  At that point I was completely ok with what ever he was doing as long as he was quiet. 

5-9-11 004

As soon as the kids started walking in, Sam was excited and stood in the chair next to me and watched…and behaved!

5-9-11 007

Reese found us almost immediately and was so excited to see us. 

5-9-11 013

She sang her little heart out and did the motions to every song.  We were so proud of her.

5-9-11 019

I just love the little animal faces!

5-9-11 030

After their show was over it was party time back in their classroom.  Sam was so excited to finally see Reese.  He just loves his big sister!!

5-9-11 045

This picture just cracks me up! It looks like Sam is picking Reese’s nose and that she is ok with it.

5-9-11 047

Reese loves to have us in her classroom sharing in these fun times.

5-9-11 051

5-9-11 054

The three cuties from two year old and three year old class.  I know Reese would be thrilled if they were all in class together again next year.

5-9-11 053

Snack time!

5-9-11 055

Reese gave her teachers each their presents and then got her picture made with them.  This is Mrs. Sandy.  She is the perfect preschool teacher.  She is loud, full of energy, and fun!!  Reese cares a lot about what Mrs. Sandy thinks.  I have been known to say “What would Mrs. Sandy think of the way you are acting?” when Reese is not behaving well.

5-9-11 057

Mrs. Robyn is the assistant teacher and she is perfect too.  She is loving, full of hugs, and gives so much attention…which is perfect for Reese because she needs a lot of attention.  Mrs. Robyn works out in the parking lot during car pool line and often gives me an update of how Reese’s day was.

5-9-11 058

Mrs. Sandy gave all of the kids (more so for the parents) a photo album full of pictures from the whole year.  When she said she had these it made me cry because I just loved that she thought about the parents and the fact that for 9 hours a week our kids are doing fun and exciting things with out us.

5-9-11 059

My favorite picture from the album is the one with Reese on the police motorcycle.  She is actually looking at the camera AND smiling.

5-9-11 060

I am glad we were able to share this day with Reese and her class!

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Carrie Beth said...

I can't believe school is over! Sounds like she had a fantastic year. :-)