Monday, May 2, 2011

A Series of Pictures

The kids looked SO cute on Sunday and I just had to get their pictures.  I asked them to climb up in the chair for pictures and they DID!  Usually they run away from the camera so I was pleasantly surprised.  Unfortunately it is hard to get a picture of them both looking good in the picture. So here we go…

5-2-11 005

Sam is super excited…Reese is more interested in Phineas and Ferb. Ha!

5-2-11 006

Hey guys! I am over here!  When this picture is big Sam is blurry!  Oops!

5-2-11 007

Reese, get closer to Sam.  Um, Sissy, what are you doing?

5-2-11 009

How about a kiss?

5-2-11 011

Sissy is so silly!

5-2-11 014

Reese is done.

5-2-11 016

I will use these pictures for Sam’s 18 month photo shoot.  It will be hard to get him to sit here again.

5-2-11 019


Courtney said...

these are great pics of bro & sis, too cute! :)

laurel said...

They are too darn cute!

Adrienne said...

Those pictures are really cute. Sam is growing up so fast!