Monday, August 1, 2011

Around the House

In order for me to get the dishes done or make dinner or really anything I don’t want Sam hanging on me for, I have been setting the kids up at the table to color.  Along with Reese, Sam loves markers.  He will walk around the house when he is ready to color and say, “mark? mark?”.  The kitchen table has turned in to the craft table.  There are marker marks all over the table.  I guess I should invest in a nice table cloth to cover up the mess when people come over.

7-31-11 001

Reese gets to use markers or paints if she chooses.  She is so sweet to help Sam pull the tops off of the markers if he needs help.

7-31-11 004

They both also love stickers.  Reese will help Sam pull the stickers off so that he can stick them on the paper.

7-31-11 005

Another fun thing that happens around the house is dress up.  Reese cracked me up one day when she walked down the stairs with two dresses on. 

7-31-11 008

She does try to put dresses on Sam and even though he will wear necklaces, headbands, etc. he puts his foot down on the dresses. Ha!  He tells her no when she tries to dress him.

I can’t believe school will be starting soon and we won’t have all of this fun time together.  We better live it up!

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