Monday, May 14, 2012

16 weeks

Today I am 16 weeks along. Baby Center says that Baby Gummy Bear is the size of an avocado and is about to have a big growth spurt. I can occasionally feel him moving around in there. I have to be positioned a certain way (usually lying down) and it is just random times. I can't wait for the kids to finally be able to feel the kicks!! This past week I have felt pretty emotional. Today, I read about a lady describing her pregnancies. She said it just feels like she is pms-ing all the time...grumpy and craving junk food. I think that accurately describes mine too. I would love to crave salads and veggies. However, chocolate, chips, or anything bad for me sounds perfect!! Even at 11:00 at night. I guess if this is my last pregnancy, I better live it up. I might end up as big as a house before this is all over with!

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