Thursday, May 17, 2012

Kindergarten Orientation

Today we went to Reese's Kindergarten Orientation. It was just an hour at the school that included a tour through the whole school. It was nice to see it all. However, it was a little nerve wracking too! I just found out a friend will be teaching at her school next year though so that puts me at ease some.

After leaving the school we ran to the mall to get Lance some new shorts. He took the day off! While walking through Macy's, Reese saw the MAC makeup. She is obsessed with make up right now and wanted to stop and look. The make up artist was so sweet with Reese. She asked Reese if she wanted some lip gloss put on her. She, of course, was super excited for this and giggled the whole time. Once she had the lip gloss on she couldn't wait to run to show Daddy who had walked to another store. We stopped for lunch after shopping and the whole time she was eating she kept asking us if her lip gloss was still on. She is too funny!!

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