Sunday, May 13, 2012

Relay For Life

As promised, here are pictures from Relay for Life 2012. It was a beautiful day, a little warm but not too bad. When we arrived my parents, Becca, and grandparents were already there waiting on us. We got our chairs set up under the tent and then started walking around the campground to check everything out. It is always so amazing to see what the schools do to raise money. This year my mom’s school had a little putt-putt green set up. If you got a hole-in-one, you were entered in to a drawing for a round of golf at a local course. They seemed to get a good bit of business when we were around.

5-11-2012 142

While walking around we found this huge slide that Reese wanted to slide down. It was SOOO fast that it scared her and I am pretty sure she will never want to do that again.

5-11-2012 143

We ended up running in to my aunt and uncle after this and I totally forgot to get their pictures. We were so focused on finding face painting that we couldn’t think of much else. We passed a couple of people doing face painting but they were always high school girls and I knew there would be someone better out there. I am so glad we waited and found this lady. She was a professional face painter (I don’t know if that is a real title or not but she was amazing).

Waiting in line to turn in to tigers.

5-11-2012 145

Sam went first. It was his first time ever having his face painted and he was so good. I really think he loved it.

5-11-2012 146

5-11-2012 148

My little man cub

5-11-2012 149

Up next was Reese and after seeing Sam she was so excited to have her turn.

5-11-2012 151

5-11-2012 152

My little tigress

5-11-2012 154

They couldn’t wait to show Granddaddy and Papa what they looked like. They roared a lot!

5-11-2012 155

Sam was such a ham. By the end of the night most of his paint had sweated off, been rubbed off, or eaten off. Ha!

5-11-2012 158

While we cheered on the survivors during the survivor walk, tons of people would point to them and say how cute their painted faces were. They really were amazing.

5-11-2012 160

One school had a big cut out of Rapunzel and Flynn Rider. Reese wanted to get her picture taken in it. We were about to walk over for the pictures and she stopped me and said she wanted a “clean face” so she could look like Rapunzel. So we had to wipe all of her face paint off before having her picture made.

5-11-2012 162

We walked around again once it was dark. It is such a neat event and we had a great time once again this year!

5-11-2012 163

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