Saturday, May 26, 2012

Our Cruise Vacation–Day 3 & 4

Day three was another rainy day. After eating breakfast, we discussed our options. It was either sit on the boat and be bored or head out in the rain. It was just a little drizzle so we headed off the boat to see Nassau. Well, really we walked straight to the Pirate Museum. To get off the boat, they walk you through this area where you are just bombarded with locals trying to sell stuff to you. I have been to Nassau several times before but this time, with kids, it just felt scarier. We told the kids before getting off the boat that they had to be holding hands with one of us at all times. They were so good about following this one rule.

5-26-12 087

5-26-12 001

We made it to the museum! We were all excited about going in.

5-26-12 004

When we walked up, we were met with a man dressed as a pirate. Reese was fine with him but Sam wanted nothing to do with him and was clingy and scared. The pirate was very animated and funny, I thought.

5-26-12 006

When we walked in to the museum, it was dark and had a little scary feeling. Both kids were very nervous.

5-26-12 017

Reese eventually relaxed but Sam wasn’t too sure how he felt about everything.

5-26-12 020

5-26-12 021

It was actually pretty interesting to read the facts they had around.

5-26-12 024

5-26-12 029

Both kids were happy to finally be out of there.

5-26-12 031

On our way back to the boat it had started raining harder and didn’t stop again. And the camera never really came back out again either. We went back to the room for a quick rest time. After resting we walked around the decks and tried to talk Reese in to going to the kids club. She refused! We were eventually all just bored. There wasn’t much to do with kids on a ship when it was pouring down rain. We had dinner that night and came back to the room pretty early because the show that evening was a comedian and we knew the kids would not be interested in that.

5-26-12 089

Day four we woke up with high hopes. Lance had already gone out of the room early that morning because he wasn’t sleeping well. Around 8:30, the kids and I left the room in our bathing suits with hopes that it was a nice day (having an inside room, we couldn’t tell until we were actually out on the deck). Unfortunately it was raining again. We ate breakfast, talked about what we could do, let the kids play in the pool for a second until they were popsicles, and tried to talk Reese in to going to the kids club again. She was so bored by this point and was just being a stinker….we all were actually. All of a sudden she said she wanted to go so we jumped at the chance to take her. After dropping her off, we took Sam to a little kids play area. Since they didn’t have any kind of organized, staff run program for Sam’s age, they had a Fisher-Price play area with toys to play with. We played with Sam there for about an hour and a half and then picked Reese up to go to lunch. After lunch the kids club had a family Bingo game. We did that for a while (won two games) and then headed out to the pool for the much anticipated belly flop contest. Reese had been talking about it all week and couldn’t wait to watch. It was still pouring down rain so we stood under some cover to watch it. After the contest was over we went back to the room for some rest time. We actually all fell asleep during this time and woke up ready to see what it was like outside. When we sat up in the bed we were all rocking back and forth big time. Reese wanted to go back to the kids club so Lance ran her over there. I took a little more time getting out of the bed and that is when the sea sick feeling started. Sam and I went out to the pool deck, under some over hang, to get some fresh air. I thought I was going to loose it. Lance met us there and got me a Sprite. After about thirty minutes of fresh air and my drink, I started to feel better. However, it was just hitting Lance and I think he is still feeling the effects of it! On our way to pick Reese up from the kids club to get ready for dinner, Lance, Sam and I were walking across the pool deck and the biggest gust of wind blew up and rain was coming from all directions. We finally got ready for dinner a little early and fast that night so we didn’t have to spend a whole lot of time in our room. When we were out in the lobby waiting for dinner, Reese and Lance noticed a beautiful rainbow. It had finally stopped raining for a little while. It was still really windy and cold but pretty. The sea was still really rough though.

This picture does nothing for how beautiful the rainbow was. We took this picture through a window. There was actually a second one above it too but it was too light to see in the picture. You can see how big the waves were too.

5-26-12 032

At dinner that night, everyone who was at our table said they had a rough day with the rough seas. We sat through dinner, went to another singing and dancing show that night, and then went back to the room to pack our stuff up to leave. The kids were never bothered by the rough seas (thank goodness!). Friday morning we woke up bright and early because we were ready to hit the road. We were one of the first ones off the boat. It was the most beautiful morning and it was already hot outside before 8:00. We were totally jealous of the weather. We found out that the storms we drove through are now what is turning in to Tropical Depression Beryl. Now we can say we have survived our first hurricane! Winking smile  After over nine hours in the car (thanks to holiday traffic), we finally made it home and we all slept like rock stars in our own beds.

We are so grateful for the time we had together…we just wished it had been spent in the sun and water!!

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Jenny said...

I just checked blogs for the first time all weekend - I should have known you would already have your trip posted! :) So sorry about the weather, but it looks like you have some fun memories! I bet that rainbow was absolutely amazing! Glad ya'll made it home safely!