Friday, May 11, 2012

Last Week of Preschool Review

Here is a review of Reese’s last week of preschool.

Monday and Tuesday they had their end of the year show. It was “A day in the life of a preschooler”. The songs went through their days at preschool. They sang a hello song, letters song, Spanish song, library song, and church songs. My favorite song was the last one they sang called “Jesus You’re My Superhero”. It was so cute. We all went on Monday to watch to show and then Sam and I went on Tuesday to watch too. I tried to record the song on Tuesday but my camera died almost right away.

5-11-2012 037

Wednesday they had awards day. The teachers gave each of them an award from the year. There were lots of cute awards. Reese received the “Best Leader” award “in recognition for always following directions, rules, routines and taking initiative to help others do the same”.


Thursday was the last day of school. I took the traditional last day of school picture. They didn’t turn out super great but here they are…

5-11-2012 038

They had a pizza party and watched Tangled for their last day. Reese was very sad that it was her last day of school and did not want to be done with it already! She kept telling me that she was “very sad” to not get to go to her school anymore.

5-11-2012 039

Thursday night was graduation night. We tried to get some great pictures before hand in the backyard but once again they didn’t turn out that great. Oh well! Some are really cute.

5-11-2012 070

5-11-2012 081

When we arrived we got great seats…or so we thought. Unfortunately Reese was in the exact place where a microphone was in the way of getting pictures of her. They sang several songs to start the show and then they each received their diploma and a “read with me Bible”.

5-11-2012 103

I did get teary during the show. I just can’t believe my baby girl is starting Kindergarten this fall! When the pianist started playing the graduation song it really got to me. This little girl has had so much fun in preschool. She has loved every single minute of it.

5-11-2012 109

After they received their diplomas and Bible they had a second where they got to stand in front of everyone and have their parents take their pictures. On the screen behind them they displayed a baby picture. Reese was super quick standing there so this is the only picture Lance got of her. Instead of gowns, they wore their daddy’s white button up shirts backwards.

5-11-2012 111

After the ceremony they had a little party. There was cake, of course, and all kinds of kids running around. We tried to get a picture of Reese with her teachers and friends.

Mrs. Janel and Reese

5-11-2012 124

Reese and Mrs. Cyndi

5-11-2012 138

Reese and her best buddies, Sydney and Hallie

5-11-2012 128

Micah and Reese…these two little monkeys have been in school together since two year old school

5-11-2012 136

And we got a family picture!

5-11-2012 134


Jenny said...

so cute, way to go Reese! Such a cute idea to have them wear dad's shirt! Glad to know we won't have to buy a gown next year!! I also like that Harrison made the "Jesus You're My Superstar" video. :)

Bryan said...

Congratulations Reese!!