Saturday, May 26, 2012

Our Cruise Vacation–Day 2

After a terrible nights sleep, we woke up to rain!! We didn’t want to let that stop us so we headed off the boat, in our bathing suits, to have some fun on the beach. We stopped and rented an umbrella, put our stuff under it to stay dry, and then headed in to the ocean. Unfortunately, Sam’s stomach was still upset from the medicine he had been taking and he was so grumpy! After about thirty minutes of constant whining, I took him back to the boat while Lance and Reese stayed to play in the rain. We ended up taking a quick nap and then met Lance and Reese out at the pool on the ship.

5-26-12 064

We ended up playing in the cold pool most of the afternoon. That evening was formal dinner so we knew we had to give ourselves more time to get ready. That meant we needed to go back to our room around 3:30. Well, right at 3:00 the sun came out and it was beautiful. We decided to soak it up a bit longer and then headed in to get ready for dinner.

After dinner we came back to the room to change out of our nice clothes before going to a show. When we got to the room, our stateroom attendant had made a monkey out of a towel. The kids thought this was so funny!

5-26-12 067

We changed in to some casual clothes and then headed out of the room again.

5-26-12 070

We found this Sea-Doo and Reese wanted to “take a ride”.

5-26-12 072

Then we walked over to the pool. Sam found this mermaid statue and snuggled up to it. It was so funny! He kept touching her backside and smiling.

5-26-12 079

Reese didn’t want to miss out on the laughter so she joined in.

5-26-12 081

After walking around for a while we headed to the show. Reese loved it because it was all singing and dancing.

Reese was such an angel these first few days! She was so well behaved, used her manners, and was just so pleasant! She was just in awe of it all. Once Sam’s stomach started feeling better he became much more pleasant to be around too! He was so fun and silly. He made friends every where he went on the ship.

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