Tuesday, May 15, 2012


This morning I was folding clothes in my bedroom and the kids were playing great together. I should have been worried because they were being quiet and getting along. When I finally checked on them Sam's hair was soaking wet. Or so I thought. It turns out he had taken a huge handful of Vick's vapor rub and rubbed it through his hair. His hair was nice and greasy the whole day. I probably should have washed it sooner than right before bed time. We went to the grocery store around 4:00 this afternoon and I made him wear a hat. We washed his hair tonight with laundry detergent a couple of time and then regular soap. It did not come out! Tomorrow will be hat day again and then I will wash it with dish soap and shampoo. Hopefully it will all come out then!!

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Bryan said...

Wow! Where do kids come up with this stuff? Hahahaha

jennkate said...

Oh no!! haha, I always wondered what this would do to the hair! But, I like the camouflage hat! :)