Friday, March 1, 2013

Four Months Old

How is it March already?? Hayes-y Baby is four month old today. And he is growing like a weed! We don’t have his check up until next week so I don’t know exactly how much yet.

3-1-13 061

He is sooo sweet! He is still super smiley and snuggly.

3-1-13 062

He is a rolling over machine. He can roll from his back to belly like a pro now. However, it is starting to interfere with his sleeping. Once he has rolled back to his back and I think that is what is frustrating him. He can’t figure out how to make that happen again.

3-1-13 067

He is also teething. His sweet little cheeks are red, he squeals out in pain occasionally, and isn’t eating as much. He loves chewing on Sophie the Giraffe.

3-1-13 074

We still have no schedule.

He is wearing size nine month clothes some now…he can still squeeze in to some six months but the nine months fit better.

He is also still in size three diapers. I think he will be in those for a little while…or at least I hope so.

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