Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Baby Brudder

Here is Reese telling me who is in the ultrasound picture.

Here is a picture of Reese trying to slide down her Little People roller coaster. She is such a mess. It is so funny to see what she thinks and comes up with.

Her little imagination is growing so much. She is starting to talk in "sentences" by adding three or more words together to tell us what she is thinking or wants. Sometimes her little brain gets going so fast that she will just repeat her name over and over until her mouth can catch up. You probably can't tell in the picture above but she doesn't have a diaper on. Sometimes when I am changing her diaper she will roll away from me before she has a new one on. I usually just let her run around like "Naked Reese" for a while. She definitely knows how to hold her "tee-tee". She can go for over an hour without a diaper on and without making a mess. I usually try to sit her on the potty once or twice during this time but she never actually goes. Tonight she told me she needed to "tee-tee" and then climbed in her wagon but I grabbed her and put her on the potty before she could make a mess. But she did not want to do that so she let me put her diaper on. We will definitely continue working on this and hopefully have her potty trained before her "baby brudder" gets here.

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jennkate said...

hi Reene!! Just wanted to stop by and say "hi:. and not sure if i commented on you baby post but...CONGRATS on the baby boy!!!!! That is wonderful!!!