Saturday, May 2, 2009

Date Day

Today Lance and I had a date day. My parents had tickets to the Braves game but my dad was unable to go. So they gave us the tickets and my mom kept Reese. Before the game we went to Atlantic Station to go shopping at Ann Taylor Loft. When I was pregnant with Reese they started a maternity line and that is where I bought my favorite outfit. I wanted to go buy some new shorts but when we walked in I couldn't find the maternity clothes anywhere. One of the workers said they stopped making it!! I was so disappointed. So we had some lunch and headed down to the ballpark. After an inning and a half it started to pour....and pour...and pour.

We sat in our seats for a while but it eventually became to much. So we walked around for about an hour. I told Lance I didn't have much patience left in me to wait it out. He said it would probably be another hour at least before they started the game back up. So we (probably more I) decided to leave. The second we got to the car it stopped raining. I felt bad about that but there was nothing we could do. About 15 minutes in to our ride home, the game started back up. Sorry honey!!

So we came back home, played with Reese, and my mom made us dinner!!!

It was a nice time away but is was so nice to be back too!

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