Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

I had a wonderful Mother's Day! It actually started on Saturday when I got home from my parents house with Reese. Lance had been cleaning the house all morning. He also did a lot of organizing which needed to be done desperately. He even cleaned and organized the pantry!! Reese and I got home soon after he was done with that and then we put her down for a nap. Once she was good and asleep he went out to get all of the yard work done so he didn't have to worry about that at all on Mother's Day!! He wanted to be able to spend the day with me and Reese.

Bright and early Sunday morning I got up and went to the Walk to Empower with a couple of girlfriends. It was in Chastain Park and was a beautiful walk. It was a small event (this was only their 3rd year doing it) so there were not too many people participating. It was great though to have my friends there and we could chat without each of us having to stop to entertain our little ones or dodge a million people who were also walking with us. It was perfect!

While I was at the walk, Lance took Reese to have breakfast with his mom. They stayed for a little while and got home with in 30 minutes of me getting home. We had a nice relaxing afternoon while Reese napped, went to the mall for a few minutes, and then had dinner. I loved spending time with both of them!!

Since I left before Reese got up, Lance was in charge of getting her ready...he obviously did not do her hair and this is what she looked like...her hair is crazy!!

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Lance said...

I think it looks fine!