Sunday, May 10, 2009

Relay for Life

Friday, Reese and I went out to Gwinnett County's Relay for Life again this year. It was wonderful, as usual! We drove out right after gymnastics was over and had lunch at Bek-Bek's school. Reese loved being there with all of the big kids. We were visiting the Kindergarten classroom of a college friend of mine and Reese walked right in to the one next door and wanted to play. They were playing on a loft in their room and she asked Bek-Bek if she could climb up. She had a great time.

When Bek-Bek was done with school we went to the fairgrounds. One of the first things we saw was a clown so we asked him to make Reese a balloon animal.

She was scared of him. She turned away from him and started tearing up. I bought her a cookie to try to distract her but she only wanted a hug.

One of our favorite parts of being there is the Survivor Walk. All of the survivors and their families take a lap around the grounds and everyone else there stops what they are doing and claps...for the whole walk. The walk takes a while and Reese clapped the whole time. She was so good and loved watching all of the people walk by. She would also raise both hands over her head and say "Hey Everybody". It was so sweet. A lot of the walkers would stop and clap with her or wave to her...they loved it.

Each Gwinnett County School and a bunch of businesses set up tents to sell items and all proceeds go to Relay for Life. This year you could see the effects of the economy slightly but there were so many fun things to see and buy. Reese got to jump in this jump house for as long as she wanted...which was maybe three minutes. There was too much going on outside to see.

Reese was such a ham all night. We ended up not leaving until 9:45 or so...she could have stayed and partied all night long!!

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Leah said...

She is too cute! I'm pretty sure she was saying that the balloon was for I.E. LOL