Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My Sweet Chunky Monkey

Reese had a doctors visit this morning for a vaccination. These are never fun! She was so good though. I think since she has been going to the doctor with me so much and sees me with the doctor she is a little less nervous about it. That is until I lay her down on the table to get a shot. Grr! She does not like this one bit...but who would? She received her last DTaP shot today. Thank goodness! The only shots she has left are MMR and the chicken pox one. I am still holding out on these two. More research needs to be done by me and the CDC and the vaccination suppliers!!! I really hate all of these vaccinations and it is such a touchy subject. I made the decision to separate all of her shots so she only got one at a time. That way if we saw any kind of negative reaction we would know which vaccination caused it. We will definitely be doing that with Baby Cupcake too. Our pediatrician is so wonderful about this and I really think she feels the same way I do about it all. Anyways, they weighed Reese on the big girl scale today. In the past we just put her on the big baby scale that she sits or lays on. Today she got to stand on the scale. She weighed 30 lbs, 6 ounces!!!! I knew she was creeping up on 30 pounds. We have friends whose three year olds don't even weigh 30 pounds yet. Reese is one solid piece of sweetness!! I don't know how tall she is yet but I know she has grown a whole bunch recently. Her dresses are starting to get too short. They will check her height at her two year visit...in two months...yes, I said TWO months!! How is that possible?

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