Sunday, May 3, 2009

Bad Dreams and a Movie Review

I know...totally random title but this post is going to be totally random!!

Last night I think Reese had her first bad dream. It was so weird. Lance and I were watching a movie (review to come later). Reese had been in bed for less than an hour and started screaming. It wasn't a normal middle of the night cry so I immediately went in her room. She was still laying down facing the wall and was just screaming. I rubbed her back for a while then she turned her head towards me but still didn't acknowledge that I was in her room. I realized she was still asleep. So I rubbed her back and legs trying to stimulate her to wake up with out shaking her out of it and scaring her even more. I started to say her name and she sat up but still with her eyes closed. Usually when she sits up she will immediately reach for me but she didn't. So I just picked her up and she was limp...still asleep and still screaming. I sat in the rocking chair and just held her. Lance doesn't usually come in to check on things but he did because she was inconsolable. I asked him to turn her light on so we could see her better. Her eyes were still closed and she was still crying so hard. She eventually woke up but still cried for a little while. I asked her if she wanted to come in to our room and lay down...of course she wouldn't pass that up. So she laid in our bed for a while and snuggled the whole time. She didn't try to get up or wiggle around too much. Not long afterwards she fell back asleep with her head on my chest. She never falls asleep with the TV on so she must have been so tired. I put her back in her bed and she slept until 1:30. Then I heard her wake up saying "Reese Mommy Daddy bed"...we let her fall back asleep on her own since she wasn't crying...and I really do not want to let this habit get out of control. If that is going to happen we need a bigger bed!!

When I was pregnant with Reese I read somewhere that pregnant women will often have bad dreams. I didn't. But this time I have been. The last three nights I have had bad dreams. Ones that I almost shoot out of bed when I wake up, have chills, and can't go back to sleep for a little while. Usually in the morning I kind of laugh at myself because in reality the dream wasn't really that scary but it seemed so scary in the middle of the night. Last nights dream was scary though. I have a fear of being in a bad situation and not being able to scream for help and that is what happened in my dream. Hopefully these bad dreams won't continue.

Now for the movie review. We watched the movie "Australia" for two nights. It was 2.5 hours long and I just can't make it through a movie that long all at once. The first half we didn't really love but the second half was much better. It wasn't what I thought it was going to be. When Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman were on Oprah talking about it I thought it was going to be more documentary like. It is not a movie that I would say you have to see but it was OK. The most impressive part is knowing that the little boy in it is a true Aboriginal (I think that is the right word) who was not an actor before this movie. He had never even seen a TV or video camera, etc. He was an amazing actor and I was so impressed with him...not to mention he was as cute as could be.


laurel said...

I used to have dreams where I couldn't scream. Somehow along the way I realized I could pray while in my dream and utilize some Godly spiritual forces. Eventually I won the battles and don't have them anymore.

laurel said...

Oh, and I bet it was scary to see poor Reese so distraught. I can't even imagine it.