Saturday, May 2, 2009

Fun Friday

Yesterday we had a great day!! We started the morning at gymnastics. I really love taking Reese there. I know she loves it and it brings back fun memories for me. For a couple of years (somewhere around the ages of 6-8...I think) I did gymnastics at UGA (Suzanne Yoculan was my coach and her assistant Doug...yes the Suzanne Yoculan) with two friends from my hometown of Madison. My mom would usually drive us out there because she was getting her MBA and then one of the other parents would bring us home. It was probably a 45 minute drive there and back so we had a ton of fun in the car. But gymnastics was fun too. My favorite parts were floor, bar (which is funny because Reese is not a fan of the bar), and of course the trampoline. They would strap a harness on you and you could jump as high as you wanted and flip as many times as you could. Probably my favorite was at the end of class Doug would lay on the floor and put his hands above his head, you would step in to his hands, and he would stand up...very cheerleader like but I loved that he could stand up from laying down while holding us above his head. Fun memories!!

Geez, I got way off point. Back to our Friday. After gymnastics we went to Chick-fil-a with Liz and Kay-Kay, to meet some of Liz's friends. The original plan was to go to the park but it started raining. After the kids ate lunch, they played ON THEIR OWN in the play area. I couldn't believe it. They climbed up and down in the play structure and just entertained each other. It was so fun to watch from behind the glass.

Then last night we met Tuck-Tuck and his parents at Mellow Mushroom for dinner. We have been trying to make dinner happen with them for a while and we finally did. We had a great time and Reese was totally excited to have her buddy there with her. We sat on the patio so we let them get down and play some. After dinner we went to Brusters for some ice cream. Reese loved that she got to have her own little cone and ate every single bit of it. Tucker loved his ice cream too but then a puppy walked up and it was all over for him. All he wanted to do was get down on the ground and play with the puppy. I wish I had brought my camera with us. There were so many cute moments from the night.

We had a great Friday!! I hope yours was just as much fun!!

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