Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Baby Cupcake Update

I am almost to the third trimester! I can't even believe how fast this pregnancy has gone. Here is a run down of how todays visit went. I had my glucose test. Since you have to wait around for so long I decided it would be best to leave Reese with a friend. She stayed with her buddy Mitchell and had a great time! She did not want to leave. This morning my stomach was kind of queasy so I was not at all excited about having to drink the juice. The whole time I was drinking it I was thinking "please don't throw up, please don't throw up!" I would have been so mad to have to start over. But, I made it! I didn't gain as much weight as I thought I was going to have. My blood pressure was a little lower than normal but still in the good range. The doctor found Baby Cupcake's heartbeat right away! Whew! He knew exactly where the little guy was and put the doppler right on his heart. No fishing around. I had my blood drawn and they didn't kill my arm like last time! Yeah! Made my next appointment for three weeks from now and then I start my visits every two weeks. Yikes!

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jennkate said...

Hey Renee, I just had to stop by and see how your doing and can not BELIEVE you are on your third trimester...are you sure?!!? :)
Wow, I guess it goes by quicker on the second one since you have another one to chase around. Amazing.
Congrats on everything. You sound so excited and that's wonderful!!
Take care,