Friday, August 14, 2009

Big Girl Gymnastics

Today Reese had her first gymnastics class without me. At first she kept running back over to me so I had to go upstairs to the viewing area so that she wouldn't be able to see me. Once they moved in to the toddler area I went back downstairs to be able to see her. She didn't realize I could see her for a little while and then she finally caught me. I really had to step back and not tell her to listen to her teacher! I wanted her teacher to have full control. She would occasionally wander off and Ms. Peggy was right there to get her back in line. I was so worried she was going to come over after class and tell me that maybe we should wait a little while on this class. But she didn't! She said Reese did a great job and that she was welcome to stay in that class...whew!! Forty-five minutes of taking directions from somebody other than Mommy is a big deal!!

Following directions...

Getting stamps for doing such a great job!

Reese was so proud of her stamps today...I think more so than usual. And I was so proud of how she did!! She is growing up...too fast!!!

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claire said...

I am so proud of her! what a big girl she is. Hope you all have a great weekend! miss you xox