Friday, August 7, 2009

Fun Day

Today Reese and I have had a fun day! This morning she had gymnastics and we decided that next week we will move her up in to the big girl class. We will see how it goes. In that class I will not be participating with her. She will have to follow the directions of the teacher.

After gymnastics we headed straight to the pool to play with some friends. We had a great time visiting! After the pool we headed home for a nap. Reese must have played hard at the pool because she slept for 3.5 hours!!

Once she woke up we played for a little while until Daddy came home. Here she is playing with my oven mitts in her kitchen.

After dinner I knew we needed to do something to wear her out for bedtime so we went to Monkey Joes for a little while. She wasn't really feeling it tonight and wasn't really interested in playing. So we headed to the mall for a little while and let her walk around. She is in bed an hour and a half late tonight and hopefully she will get some good sleep!!

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