Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Today was Day 2 of preschool. Reese missed the actual day 2 because we were in Florida. She did so great today! I am so proud of her! She was telling me goodbye before we were even close to the drop-off. She was so excited about going to school and I am so glad. I really feel like we made the right decision in starting her in preschool!!

After I dropped her off at school I headed to my doctors appointment. I thought I would be there super early so I brought my Pottery Barn catalog along with me to kill some time. I left her school around 8:53 and did not get to my doctors until 10:11. I was about to go crazy sitting in traffic. There was an accident on both highways I needed to travel. I ended up bypassing one of them and going a back way. Needless to say I ran in to the doctors office just in time for my 10:15 appointment. Today was just a heartbeat check for Baby Cupcake and it sounded great. The doctor asked me how big Reese was at birth and I told him 8 lbs, 9 oz. He didn't believe me. He couldn't believe that I could carry a baby so big. I told him that just last night I read that most of the time baby number 2 is bigger and I was freaking out about that! He said that was usually true in normal circumstances but that delivery would be easier and faster the second time around. Sweet!

Baby Cupcake is almost 30 weeks and he still doesn't have a name. I think with Reese we had picked her name out by around 32 weeks but we didn't finalize it until about a week before. Hopefully we can come up with something soon for this little guy!

It is amazing the things Reese is picking up on and remembering. The other day she just started singing her ABC's and got it almost all correct. She says, "K K" instead of "J K", "L M N O P" gets combined in to fewer letters, and instead of saying "Double-U" (w) she says "Double X". I caught her on video yesterday singing. We were driving down the road so it is a little noisy but you can still hear her singing.

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Cathy said...

Whooo Hooo Reese...you did an awesome job singing your A,B.C's!!!