Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Holy Cow!

I just looked at my baby ticker in the right side bar and it says I have less than 100 days til Baby Cupcake arrives!! Yikes! We still don't have a name for this little guy or anything done for that matter!! Lance has backed out of liking the name I like for this little guy but we can't come to an agreement on ANY other name. Hopefully his birth certificate doesn't say Baby Cupcake on it because at this rate it could! We have so much still to do...and by so much I mean everything! Hopefully once Reese starts school next week (another yikes) I can start getting some things done with out hearing, "whatcha doin Mommy?", over and over and over! We are getting a quote on having Reese's big girl room painted so that should get done soon. Then we can start moving everything in to her big girl room. We still need to buy so many other things too. Oh my! I am going to end this post now so I don't freak out!

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jennkate said...

Holy Cow! Did you say Reese is starting school?? WOW.
FYI! When we moved out of the townhouse we had Jose from Oxford do a lot of paint and repairs. He was GREAT and quick. I felt better knowing him and felt comfortable with he and his crew there. AND, best of all, he was way super cheap.
So, let me know if you need his cell.