Monday, August 3, 2009

Our Sweet Girl

I think I have used that title several times but Reese really has been a sweet girl lately. There is no doubt that she has come in to her two's with a bang but she has also become very sweet and compassionate. Yesterday morning I could not find something to wear and I was getting frustrated. Lance asked what was wrong and I told him. Reese came in to the closet and said, "What's matter, Mommy?" I told her I couldn't find anything to wear. She hugged my leg and said, "It's OK, Mommy."
She has also grown up over night when it comes to being left. She rarely cries when I walk out the door (which she would even do with Lance some times). Yesterday was promotion Sunday at church so the kids were all moving up in to their new classes...they start this at 2. So Reese moved in to a new room. I was so worried about this because she has built a really great bond with her leader from her one year old class. Seeing her face each Sunday really helped Reese to become comfortable there. On the way to church I was telling her that now that she is two she is going to move in to a two year old class. I was telling her about all the fun stuff she was going to get to do and she seemed to get excited. I walked her to her new room where she didn't know any of the leaders. She gave me a kiss and went right in. She didn't even bat an eye. I was SO proud of her. I really think that preschool is going to be easier than I thought it was. I am still hesitant about the fact that they take them from the car on the first day but I think she will do great! I can't believe how much she has grown physically, mentally, and emotionally. It is so amazing!!

Now if only I can get her comfortable enough to go on the potty!!

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