Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Napping House

All is quiet in this napping house right now. Any minute now it will become a loud, excited, squealing house when Reese realizes her favorite girls have spent the night and that she will get to spend the whole day with them. She is not going to know what to do with herself. I woke up this morning, made my rounds to check on all three girls still sound asleep, and am now enjoying some quiet time in front of the computer...giving you an update of my weekend so far.

Yesterday we FINALLY bought me a new car...Chevy Equinox. We test drove this a week or so ago at a dealership but they couldn't make the price work for us so we walked away...not with out many calls from them "trying" to make it work. So we looked on Autotrader and found this beauty in the perfect price range. Lance saw it on Wednesday (the owner drove it to his office), we played "let's make a deal" Thursday and Friday with the owner and the bank, Lance met the owner at the Chevy dealership to have a multi-point inspection done on it yesterday morning (it passed with flying colors), Lance came home, picked us up to go to the bank to buy it, we bought it, and then I SAW IT!! I trusted him 100% during this week to make the right decision for us and he did great! After we got home, Lance (and Reese) gave it a good bath inside and out.

After the bath, we took my parents second car back out to them. We grabbed a quick bite to eat with them and headed back home to wait for Reese's favorite girls.

We have a fun day ahead of us once this is a napping house where now no one is sleeping.

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