Thursday, September 17, 2009


What a yucky couple of days it has been. Not only the rain but the lack of sleep around here. Reese decided she wanted to sleep in her big girl bed last Thursday night so I let her. She did great! She slept through the entire night with no problems. I probably checked on her a million times. So Friday night she did it again. Perfect! She did great again. And then for some reason she has decided she doesn't want to sleep through the whole night...that she wants Mommy to sleep with her or she wants to sleep in our bed. EVERY night she screams going to bed and around 1:00 she wakes up crying. It is so frustrating to say the least. Last night she said her big girl room was scary. As I was laying there I did notice that it is darker than her nursery was so I brought the alarm clock from the nursery in to her big girl room. It has a bright light on top of it so I figured that is what she was worried about. But no. She did the same thing. Finally Lance went upstairs to get her to go to sleep and she did but right at 1:00 she was screaming again. She fell back asleep after I laid down with her. I went back to bed and 30 minutes later she was screaming again. So Lance went in this time and she screamed and screamed. Finally I went in and it took forever for her to go back to sleep. Needless to say, all three of us are at our wits end the next day. We are all sleepy and grumpy. We HAVE to get this worked out before the baby comes because I can not handle getting up with a newborn and a two year old! And Lance doesn't wake up unless a freight train is running through the house. HELP!

Reese had school today. I was worried she would be a huge grump there because of her lack of sleep this week. She seemed to do well but has been a little disobedient since getting home. I love Thursdays though because she brings home her pictures from the week and her teacher writes a little note about what they did this week. Last week they started learning Spanish...great, now we have to figure out what she is saying in Spanish! I think they are only learning their colors and counting to five right now. She also will sing the blessing they have been learning...however, I am not exactly sure what it is. So many things for me to learn!

"Take picture my pictures, Mommy!"

Reese wore her game day clothes to school today since today is Tech game day!

And just a little teaser...

Sneak Preview of what is to come...I made this little head scarf out of left over fabric from Reese's new dress.


Wells Family said...

Cooper went through a similar stage before the baby came, but quickly got over it (however we weren't dealing with a big boy bed yet). We were having trouble with him waking up at 4 and 5 AM recently, so we bought a noise machine and cranked it up LOUD and he sleeps all night for the most part! I know it will get better by the time the baby gets here. I'm not sure what the turning point was for Cooper before the baby got here, but one day it just resolved itself! Good luck!!!!

Kathy said...

Brody did this same thing. As you know we put him in a big bed at 18 months preparing for Dalton to arrive when he would be 26 months. Even when Dalton arrived, Brody would awake at night...here is what we did that worked. We had a sticker chart for staying in bed and sleeping through the night. We started a routine of bath, PJs, pick a story, read a story, remind him of getting a sticker. Obviously it didn't pick right up but as soon as he got that first sticker and knew he would get a prize it started working!! Just a thought :)