Monday, September 14, 2009

Julie & Julia

Last night I was able to sneak away for a couple of hours to see Julie & Julia and have dinner with some friends from church. It was a super cute movie! A little long for me (about 2 hours). But I really enjoyed it. There were some really cute parts and Meryl Streep did a great job playing Julia Child and Amy Adams was just cute all around. One of my favorite parts was when Julie was about to cook some lobsters and she was having a hard time putting them in the boiling water, she finally does it, gets the lid on, and then the lid flies off and she screams and runs away. I laughed out loud because it is exactly what I would have done. At the end of the movie (I won't ruin it all for you) Julie gets 65 messages on her voicemail of positive feedback and offers. At the end of the night she gets one phone call that is negative and she can't get over it. I totally felt her pain on that! Isn't it so hard to get over the one negative thing in your life? It keeps holding you back even when you have so many positive things pushing you forward!!

After the movie we went out for Mexican...yummy! I ate way too much but it was fabulous. We had some sweet conversations and I really enjoyed it. I am glad I was able to have some girl time but I couldn't wait to get home and snuggle up with Reese in her big girl bed!!

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