Monday, September 7, 2009

End of Summer Celebration

Last night we went to Centennial High School's End of Summer celebration. They had jump houses, junk food, face painting, and fireworks.

Reese got a glow necklace...she was so proud.

Sweet Baby Jocelyn just hung out (literally) while the big girls ran around. She was so good the whole time and never fell asleep. I don't think she wanted to miss a thing.

Lance "kidnapping" Maddie...she wanted to show him her moves but instead she just giggled the whole time.

Reese loves to take Daddy's hat and wear it.

Reese couldn't wait for the fireworks to start. She kept asking about them over and over. She was so excited once they finally started.

We had such a great time celebrating the end of summer. Reese had her first funnel cake and her first experience using a porta-potty! Eww! It was a good thing it was dark when we went so I couldn't actually see how nasty it was!

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