Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Our Little Monkey

Back when I was pregnant with Reese we called her the "little monkey". Well, look what she has become attached to...

I never put toys or blankets in Reese's crib when she was a baby. The only thing she was ever attached to were her pacifiers. Once I started taking those away I would give her a stuffed toy in her crib to try to replace it but she never took to any of them. One day I pulled out a basket full of my stuffed animals and put some of them in her basket of toys. Some how she found this monkey and he became attached. He likes to go with us everywhere. When we went to Jacksonville last month we forgot him...bad parents! But she did fine. Each morning she takes him out of her crib and carries him around. If she forgets him in the crib she will say, "Oh no! My lost my monkey!" I think it is so funny that he is her constant companion...it is just fitting!

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