Thursday, September 3, 2009

She cracks me up!

I love talking to Reese about school when I pick her up. She always has the funniest things to say! Today when they put her in the car she was standing up looking back at the school while I pulled over to buckle her up. She kept saying something that I couldn't understand so I asked her what she was saying when I was buckling her.

Reese: "My forgot somefing at school."
Mommy: "What did you forget?"
Reese: "My yoyyipop!"
Mommy: "Oh no! We will get you another one at home." (knowing it was probably in her bag)
Reese: "Ok, Mommy."

When we got home we were still talking about school while we were eating lunch. I asked her what friends she played with and she ALWAYS says she played with Micah. I need to meet this little boy! All of a sudden a light bulb goes off in her head and she looks up at me.

Reese: "Cayeb broke Thomas."
Mommy: "Uh-oh, he did?"
Reese: "And then say, poor Thomas." (with a sad look on her face)

I love her stories!

Today Ms. Sharon brought Reese out to the car which is not normal. Usually it is just an assistant that brings them out. She was carrying Reese with out any shoes on. Apparently they had been playing on the playground and Reese got mulch in her shoes. She told Ms. Sharon it hurt her feet...oh she snowed you Ms. Sharon! That girl just wanted her shoes off so she said they were hurting! She has been wearing her Crocs all summer everywhere and has never said they hurt her feet. Just yesterday she wore them to the park! She is a mess.

Another story not to do with school...We have been getting her big girl room ready to move in to. This past weekend Lance and I were cleaning in her closet and she asked, "What you doing?" Lance told her we were cleaning her big girl room so she could sleep in there. Today the painter came to paint her room and she asked, "What guy doing?" I told her he was painting her big girl room so she could sleep in there and she said, "My not sleep in cyoset!" I think she thought Lance was telling her she was going to sleep in her closet the other day! She cracks me up at how literal she is...and I love it!

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