Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Preschool Update

Reese is still loving preschool! Each morning she says "no preschool" when I wake her up but I think she just does that to make me feel good...like she wants to stay home with me or something. If she really didn't want to go she would fight me the whole time getting ready...and she doesn't!! When she doesn't want to get ready to go somewhere she will ask to wear her pajamas.

Daddy got to go with us to drop her off this morning. He went to get the tag for my car (finally) first thing this morning and just happened to pull in right before we were leaving. I asked him to ride with us so he could know how it goes (for fun and for when BC comes). She was so excited he was riding with us. She got out and had a great day.

When I picked her up this afternoon she immediately asked where Daddy was. Her teacher walked her out to the car today which is not normal. Luckily I didn't notice it was her until she was putting Reese in the car because she had a hat on. I might have been worried Reese was bad or something. But she had great things to say. She said Reese is doing great, learning a lot, is a pleasure to have in class, and has a lot of fun playing with her friends. I told her that she always talks about her friends...especially the boys Micah and Caleb. It turns out Micah is a girl...LOL! Now I know. I totally thought Micah was a boy and that Reese was only playing with the boys. Not that I was worried about that at all I just thought it was interesting that she would distinguish the difference between boys and girls and only play with the boys. I am glad her teacher walked her out today. Since we don't go in to pick her up I rarely get to talk to the teacher. So it was nice to hear from her today and see how she is doing!

I tried to get a picture of Reese today because she looked super cute...but these three were the best I could do. She is so silly. Right before this last picture she was smiling for me and then right as the flash was about to go off she turned it to a frown. She really is learning a lot and her imagination is growing fast. This is a fun (and sometime frustrating) age.

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Tucker's Mom said...

Reese is such a cutie pie.. I love here little skirt outfit!