Tuesday, March 29, 2011


When Reese was little, she loved her pacifier.  In fact, she slept with one in her mouth and one in her hand.  As she got older we limited when she got to have it.  Instead of all the time, she could have it in the car and in her bed. 

4-18-08 002

We eventually took it away in the car and it was only for bedtime.  Right before she turned two we took them away all together by having her give them to our new friend Connor who was a baby because “only babies need pacis”. 

6-26-09 001

Reese struggled with no pacifier for about a day and then would only talk about it occasionally.

I DREAD thinking about getting rid of Sam’s pacifier!  I truly think he needs to get rid of his earlier than we did with Reese because he got all of his teeth so early.  BUT…he is SOOOOO attached.

3-29-11 002

It is something that we really try to limit.  In fact, I have already removed them from the car and try to keep them in his bed.  However, the second his feet hit the floor upstairs he goes straight to his room, reaches through his crib, and grabs his paci and doggy blanket.

3-29-11 003

They bring him comfort.  Because he seems to be much more shy than Reese was, I tend to give in to him bringing them places where I know he will be uncomfortable.  They are his security and seem to help him not be as upset when I leave him places.  In fact, I think that is the trick our babysitter uses to get him to calm down.

3-29-11 004

It is going to be a battle of wills when it is time to get rid of the pacifier.  I don’t think it will go as smoothly as Reese’s transition did.  I have a friend who cut her daughter’s pacifier.  That may work for Sam because he understands when things are broken.  He also likes to throw things in the trash for us so that might be the route we have to take. 

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AA said...

Looks like Sam is giving you the death stare in that first picture - like he knows what you are thinking and he doesn't like it one bit :) According to my parents I was quite the fan of the pacifier. They cut my pacifier but apparently that didn't stop me from sucking on what was left of it - so one day my dad got so frustrated he just threw it out the car window as we were driving somewhere! There's one way to get rid of it!